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My name is Robert Farla. I am an experimental geologist and electron microscope expert.

A brief CV:-

  • Born in the Netherlands and lived in Italy for 6 years.
  • Obtained a MSc in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University: 05 Sept 2006.
  • Obtained a PhD in Rock Physics at The Australian National University: 12 March 2011.
  • First post-doctoral position at Yale University: February 2011 - April 2013.
  • Currently a Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Bayreuth University, Germany.

I am interested in the physical (and chemical) properties of Earth Materials, in particular key mantle minerals olivine (wadsleyite, ringwoodite) and pyroxene. I carry out high temperature and pressure experiments on reconstituted polycrystalline samples to determine:-

  • Mechanical properties (rheology/mantle flow)
  • Microstructural evolution (e.g. strain localisation)
  • Electrical conductivity properties
  • Seismic properties (wave velocity, attenuation, etc.)

Using a laboratory approach, I aim to place physical constraints on large-scale models that reconcile direct observations (deformation related to mountain building, subduction and rifting) and indirect observations (magnetotellurics, seismic tomography, geodynamics) to understand how and why the Earth exhibits plate-tectonics style mantle convection. New discoveries about the internal dynamic motion of the Earth helps to understand the fate of planetary bodies (Venus & Mars) in our solar system and of other rocky exo-planets, which may have the potential to support life. Earth Scientists, including myself, not only play an important role for assessing continued habitability on Earth (in terms of resources and hazards) but are also indispensable for space exploration.

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