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css/xhtml tutorial
Posted on: 18/07/2009
The tutorial is back. Click on the link on the left hand side to check it out.

QMP Vista
Posted on: 04/08/2007
QMP Vista is my latest skin. It's now at version 1.03 with the latest QMP features incorporated in it such as buttons for auto-pruning and manual advancing tracks in a DJ fashion. It is equipped with a fully functional Media Library. The skin is based on windows explorer in Windows Vista. I use it every day now because it blends in so well with windows. (Yes I have Windows Vista. It's a pain and a blessing). Go to the skins page to download it.

Speedo skin
Posted on: 21/04/2007
This latest incarnation for the Quintessential media player has become the most downloaded skin ever! It was a project by me and Fatal Error based on a previous version web gui of It integrates a fully skinned media library with the play queue. Since both are essential for managing your audio files, this is the reason I suspect the skin is so popular. Besides that it just looks gorgeous too ;-).

I've not got any new skin planned but perhaps when QMP wakes up from it's development cycle, I can be persuaded to create another QMP skin.