Laboratories around the world

I have experience working with the following apparatuses in the given locations:

1. Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Controlled atmosphere furnace for electrical conductivity experiments High pressure temperature (HTP) laboratory

2. The Australian National University, Australia

The Laboratory Paterson rock deformation apparatus Interface for torsional forced-oscillation apparatus
Torsional forced-oscillation apparatus Control for brittle rock deformation apparatus Another view of the rock physics lab
Piston press Controlled atmosphere furnaces Multi-anvil apparatus

3. University of Minnesota, USA

Paterson gas-medium apparatus for rock deformation in torsion Interior view of the pressure vessel Control panel
Myself in the Kohlstedt lab Paterson gas-medium apparatus for rock deformation in compression

4. Yale University, USA

Griggs rock deformation apparatus View of gear train Kawai-type 1000 ton multi-anvil apparatus
First stage anvils Rotation Drickamer apparatus (RDA) for high P deformation Wiresaw (for cutting < 200 micron slices)

5. Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth, Germany

The most advanced Large Volume Press (LVP) with complete ram control Cubic assembly inside the MAVO LVP press Classic D-DIA type deformation press
Typical Multianvil apparatus (1200 tonnes) Multianvil laboratory at BGI Piston cylinder laboratory (manual press)
Piston cylinder laboratory (automatic press) Next generation DIA-type cubic press (1500 tons) to reach 60+ GPa

6. Brookhaven National Lab, USA

Control station upon arrival at X17B2 Control panel for pressurisation and rotation 1000 ton press (just acts as a stand for RDA)
Installed and aligned RDA Workstation where we assemble each deformation cell At work at X17B2
Hutch door and tv screen with x-ray beam information Another area where high res. FTIR water analysis in materials is done

7. European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France

ESRF entry gate Control station for pressurisation and deformation at beamline ID06 The Large Volume Press (D-DIA type) at ID06
Full-range angular 2-theta detector